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Bonnie Wolfe has worked with Coldwell Banker as an agent buying and selling homes in Anne Arundel County for 30 years.


Great Schools. Great Neighborhoods. Great Living.

“I will talk about your goals and create your road map for buying or selling your home.” Bonnie Wolfe, your agent for buying or selling


How did that house get sold just days after it was listed for sale? In the Realtor community, I frequently know about homes coming on the market before they are for sale. As I’m writing, today, I was able to get a “heads up” on a house in a very popular neighborhood for one of my clients who was previously searching with another agent. Tomorrow we will be the first to look at this house and we already have a contract prepared that is ready to submit. This home will be another that was sold in 1 day because I provided my client with information before it hit the market. Let me know if this would be helpful for you.

Your Road Map is Important

When you are buying or selling a house you are buying or selling a neighborhood. Create a stress free experience by trusting your agent and their knowledge of not just communities, but of business negotiations to maximize your proceeds. With over 500 Maryland homes sold in West, North, Central, and South, I will set and achieve your goals by creating Your Road Map. Maryland is know for it’s diversity in landscape and population, that’s why it is essential to chose an agent who knows every neighborhood street and community.

One of my goals is to make this as stress free as possible. Searching online through generic searches can be aggravating and very time consuming. I have all of these resource plus more at my fingertips in additional to over 30 years of real estate experience in Anne Arundel County acting as a seller and buyer agent. This area has so much to offer such as beach, golf communities and Blue Ribbon schools. By creating an account on the exclusive Realtor site, MRIS, for you there will only be the houses that match your dream home to look through.
My team consists of professionals who will provide home staging, handyman service, and photography. I work daily with my team to make sure everything properly handled and on schedule.

Let’s Start Your Road Map

Contact me so we can begin drawing out your Road Map to success for either buying or selling your home. I work diligently to make certain that you have all the documentation and research needed to be well informed prior to negation.

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I'm Here to Help

Whether you’re serious about making a move or just casually looking around, shopping for a new home can be a little like being a kid in a candy store — except your “candy” may be a new dream home!

While it can be exciting, the process can also be stressful. Once you see something you like, you suddenly have to evaluate the property and make a quick decision.

That’s where I can help. E-mail me if you have any questions about a property you see available on the market. I’d be glad to provide you with all the information and guidance you need.

Remember, it’s my pleasure to help you, even if you’re not thinking of moving right away. I consider it my job to be of service to all my clients, whether they are currently in the midst of buying or selling a home, or just exploring the market to see what’s available.

Send me an e-mail. I’m here to help.