Buying in Anne Arundel County County

Referral and repeat business are the foundation of Bonnie’s success

Bonnie’s goal is to provide you service worthy of your future referrals!

Find the Perfect Neighborhood

As a Certified Negotiator and over 30 years of experience and knowledge, she’ll help you find the neighborhood that’s the perfect fit.

As your Buyer Agent, Bonnie will educate you so that you begin to understand what each area of Anne Arundel County offers. Then, more intimately, help you begin to feel the subtle differences between each neighborhood so that your final decision is the perfect fit.

Your online searches will begin to make so much more sense when Bonnie imparts her education and knowledge of the neighborhoods, whether you are leaning towards high testing schools, water privileged communities, golf courses, or cultural experiences.

During your search, Bonnie will make many personal recommendations as she begins to understand your goals more deeply. Often she will hear of properties not yet listed. Can you imagine knowing of a home coming on the market in advance?

Finally with a team to support you, she is equipped to recommend highly qualified professionals who do home inspections, attorneys to close your loan, surveyors, licensed contractors, and loan officers. Bonnie is the only Realtor whom you will work with, and with her credentials as a Certified Negotiator and over 30 years of experience, you’ll feel in good hands.

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